Max Holloway: I Would End the Fairytale of Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway may not exactly be what he would refer to as a ‘hater’ of former opponent Conor McGregor

“Blessed” would not protest if given the chance to welcome the former featherweight champion back to the division, however.

Holloway told MMA Tonight on SiriusXM Rush that McGregor would more than likely object to a return to 145-pounds as the Hawaiian would likely end his ‘fairytale’ story:

“There’s this fairytale,” said Holloway. “Everybody’s talking about him as the champion and this and that but his last four fights he’s 2-2, one of them being questionable. He could have been 1-3 right now if we’re being totally honest. At the end of the day, there’s this fairytale to him and this fairytale breaks if he fights someone like me and I beat him.”

“Fairytales end. This fairytale of him being the baddest man or whatever you think he is, it ends if he fights me and things don’t go his way. You hear it with the Nate excuses: ‘Nate is three times the size of me!’ I’m pretty sure they’re almost close in height. You’re over here calling yourself a gorilla and this and that and now you’re fighting a guy that’s three [times the] size of you, it makes no sense to me. He looks three [times the] size of Floyd and Floyd wasn’t crying.”