Michael Johnson Says Move to Featherweight Will be Great For His Career

Michael Johnson is prepared for all comers on his way down to the featherweight division.

Johnson has said that his next fight will be at 145 pounds. “The Menace” has been throwing leather at lightweight. Following his TKO loss to Justin Gaethje, Johnson believes a move to featherweight is ideal.

Speaking to Flo Combat, Johnson explained why moving down in weight will be beneficial:

“I want to fight some new faces. I want to get some new looks. And I want a challenge. Me getting down to that weight is going to be a challenge, and I think that’s going to be great for my career. I fought these guys that are, they’re probably out-weighing me by 20 pounds when I get in that cage. I don’t get up that much after I weigh in. So it’s going to be incredible, and I think it’s going to really help me when I get around guys and I just start moving them better. And I don’t think they’ll be able to take my punches as easily.”