Stephen Espinoza Reveals What Irked Him About McGregor’s Trash Talk

Stephen Espinoza took quite a few verbal shots from Conor McGregor in the buildup to the “Money Fight” with Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor hurled insults at the Showtime Sports executive vice president. He even went as far as to call him a weasel. McGregor’s issues stemmed from the belief that Showtime set him up to look bad during the four-stop tour.

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Espinoza talked about the amount of work that the Showtime staff put in to make Mayweather vs. McGregor a success:

“I know my staff and I know the kind of people who work for us. On that timeframe, on those 72 days, there are literally dozens of people who are giving up dinners with their kids, time with their spouses, giving up things that they would rather do with their nights and weekends for the success of this pay per view, which ultimately the bulk of that money is going to Floyd and Conor. And making them both very rich men.”

Espinoza said the insults thrown Showtime’s way struck a nerve.

“So to have Conor insult them, by extension, to say ‘f’ Showtime or whatever, when there’s an entire team of people who are making personal sacrifices to make sure his event is successful and generates money for him, it just seemed a really short-sighted comment and really unprofessional.”

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