Saturday, December 4, 2021

UFC on FOX 26’s Justin Scoggins Explains Why His Nickname is ‘Tank’

Justin Scoggins isn’t called the “Tank” for nothing.

Scoggins is set to return to action on Dec. 16 inside the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He’ll go one-on-one with Tim Elliott. Scoggins is looking to snap his two-fight skid.

During a recent appearance on Flo Combat‘s Top Turtle podcast, Scoggins talked about his nickname:

“I used to watch the UFCs when I was really little, and my favorite fighter was always Tank Abbott. So I would try to emulate him in class.”

He then talked about Abbott’s reputation inside the Octagon.

“People don’t realize, if you go back and watch Tank Abbott’s early fights, he was sick. He transitioned from his striking to his wrestling really good. The dude was just never in shape, but if you watch some of the stuff he did, his transitions were sick!”

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