Beneil Dariush & Evan Dunham Go To War For Majority Draw

Round 1:

A left hand lands early for Dariush and he follows it up with a knee. Dunham’s eye is cut early but he continues to move around. A solid uppercut just misses for Dariush but he’s able to land a flush overhand left. A huge pair of elbows land for Dariush against the cage and Dunham is down. Dariush takes the back and unleashes some nasty ground-and-pound, avoiding a sweep in the process. Dariush continues his onslaught on the ground for several minutes before Dunham is able to get back to his feet. The round comes to an end with the pair circling the Octagon.

Round 2:

Dunham starts the round strong and gets his way inside for a takedown. Dariush is able to trap Dunham’s arm and forces the fight back to the feet, however, Dunham pressures Dariush against the cage. The pair disengage and Dunham is able to stick a nice jab inside. Dunham clinches Dariush against the cage and throws some short shots to close out the round.

Round 3:

Dunham lands a nice head-kick to start the round and follows it up with a couple of good hooks. A hard left hand lands for Dunham and the pair get into a brief striking exchange. Dunham does a great job of evading Dariush’s attack and continues to land some nice shots of his own. The round comes to an end with Dunham blitzing on Dariush but not much landing.

Official Result: Beneil Dariush vs. Evan Dunham results in Majority Draw (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)