Bob Arum: The UFC is Desperate, They Have no Marquee Star

Bob Arum has once again fired verbal shots at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its President Dana White.

White recently said that boxing may be making its way to the Zuffa family. He already made waves with his “Zuffa Boxing” shirt that he wore throughout the buildup to Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

Speaking to NYFights, Arum said White’s latest tease was done due to desperation:

“My thoughts are that UFC is desperate, their numbers are way off, they have no marquee star. Look at their PPV numbers, they barely break 100,000 homes on their shows, they’re having trouble getting renewal on their contract with Fox. They have to do something. One of things they may try and fall back on and try and acquire a boxing presence. About a year ago I was approached by someone repping UFC, they wanted to buy Top Rank.”