Saturday, November 27, 2021

Bobby Green: ‘I Don’t Feel Like we Have Good Judges’

Bobby Green doesn’t believe the judges in mixed martial arts are capable of doing their job.

Green and Lando Vannata fought to a split draw at UFC 216. The bout earned both men “Fight of the Night” bonus checks. Despite being gracious after the decision was read, Green didn’t agree with the draw.

Speaking to the media, he said that judging has its low points (via

“I don’t feel like we have good judges. I can’t even care what the judges think. Sometimes, they’re totally on, and sometimes, they’re totally off. That’s the way it is in our sport.”

Green then said an issue is that fighters aren’t being given their due for pushing the pace.

“We don’t get enough credit for who’s pressing the action. A lot of times, one guy chases the other guy around, and he ticks and tacks and runs, but he doesn’t get the credit for being the aggressor. Even though we say we judge upon aggression and cage control, they don’t give enough credit to those things. Because if I don’t push the fight, there is no fight. We’ll just be standing there looking at each other. But nobody understands that. Until you’ve fought, you wouldn’t understand that.”

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