Monday, November 29, 2021

Body And Patience Being Tested In Holm/Cyborg Standoff

The MMA world is waiting to hear that Chris Cyborg and Holly Holm have signed on to do the damn thing already. The long anticipated title fight between the two has been in the works for a while now, but numerous hiccups seem to keep getting in the way.

The biggest issue, outside of Cyborg getting paid what she rightfully deserves, seems to be the drug testing. Cyborg dropped these on her twitter yesterday.

While it isn’t crazy for Cyborg to want equal testing, it appears that Holm is tested frequently as well. She has been tested randomly nine times this year to Cyborg’s eight. Holly did what everyone does and posted on Instagram the video you can see below.

I’ve actually just wasted a minute of my life on this video.

A post shared by Holly Holm (@hollyholm) on

This is really the only female Featherweight fight I care to see at this point, so can we just make it happen already? I have always seen Cyborg’s side, because she was treated unfairly for so long, but not any more.

USADA has shown they are kind to no one and if Holly is doping, she better find a spot to hide under the cage.

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