Chael Sonnen Explains Why Size Won’t Play a Factor in Bisping vs. GSP

Chael Sonnen doesn’t believe that Michael Bisping’s size will give him an edge against Georges St-Pierre.

On Nov. 4, Bisping will defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title against St-Pierre inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. The championship showdown is set to headline UFC 217.

During a recent appearance on BJ Penn Radio, Sonnen explained why St-Pierre can overcome the size difference:

“I like that fight. I am picking Georges in that fight, but I really like it. I’ve competed with Bisping twice myself, once in MMA and once in grappling. Tough son of a b*tch. I’ve only trained with Georges, so maybe I come to you with a little different perspective, but it appears a lot of what’s being said about this fight is Bisping’s size. Anytime you talk about size, what you’re really talking about is, the [bigger] guy is stronger, right? We don’t really care about who weighs more, we care about who’s stronger than who. This is a weird one because Bisping is meaningfully bigger. He will cut to make 185, he will get into the ring about 200 pounds. Georges St-Pierre will weigh in about 183 pounds, he will get in the ring at 183 pounds. However – this might surprise you – Georges is meaningfully, meaningfully stronger than Bisping.”