Cody Garbrandt on T.J. Dillashaw: ‘He’s a Cheap-Shotting Bastard’

Cody Garbrandt hasn’t forgotten T.J. Dillashaw’s time with Team Alpha Male.

On Nov. 4, the two former teammates will do battle. Garbrandt puts his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title on the line against Dillashaw inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. The bout will serve as UFC 217‘s co-main event.

Speaking to Flo Combat, “No Love” said Dillashaw’s reputation for hurting his teammates is irreparable:

“Honestly, he was a fierce competitor. He liked to compete. He didn’t like to lose. He didn’t like to give an inch. With that said, he was willing to cheat at any cost to win…a round, anything, willing to cheap shot. He’s a cheap-shotting bastard. I don’t stand for that, especially with your teammates. That’s what it is. I lost respect for him after seeing truly who he was in the room amongst his friends.”

Garbrandt believes Dillashaw only cares about himself and doesn’t look after those who helped get him to a championship level.

“He has ulterior motives. It’s always what can he get out of it. Not the co-op that Team Alpha Male is about…what it was built on. He had ulterior motives with whatever he wanted. If he worked with you, he’d want to take your stuff. That’s what it is. He had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole entire life and he feels like he’s entitled to everything.”

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