Conor McGregor on Max Holloway: ‘He’s Done a Great Job’

Conor McGregor thinks highly of Max Holloway’s rise.

Holloway is the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight title holder. He’s riding an 11-fight winning streak. Holloway’s last loss came at the hands of McGregor back in Aug. 2013.

Since that fight, McGregor has emerged as the top star in combat sports and is the reigning UFC lightweight champion. “An Evening With Conor McGregor” provided some noteworthy quotes. One of them was where McGregor praised Holloway (via

“I’m not mad at him. He’s done a great job. He’s climbed up and claimed that featherweight belt. You see some fights, and so do the public, you see him go in there and you watch him win or lose and you watch how they act and how they carry on. He lost to me and he took it on the chin, he kept his mind frame sharp. Same with Poirier, he’s another guy who kept his mind frame sharp and carried on. Alvarez as well, he took it well – you’ve got to take it on the f**king chin.”

He continued to talk about the importance of bouncing back when things go south.

“You’re gonna win some, you’re gonna lose some. Get back on your bike, study the game a bit more, put in that extra bit of work and correct those errors that you’ve seen – carry on. That’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’ve seen (Holloway) doing. He went on to capture the unified belt off of Aldo, even though I beat both of them. Look, it’s a hard one for me that one.”