Copa Combate Preview: Exclusive Interview With Ricky Palacios

On November 11th in Cancun, Mexico Combate Americas will be hosting an eight man one night tournament. Competing in the tournament will be one of the most recognizable faces currently in the organization, Ricky Palacios.

Don’t let the big cowboy hat and sly grin fool you, Ricky is has the talent to back it up. Boasting a 9-1 record with five consecutive win for Combate Americas, including wins over former UFC fighters Roman Salazar and Chris Avila.

Prior to the Copa Combate tournament I was able to speak with Palacios about his thoughts on the historic event. We broke down what the training camp plan has been like, what his thoughts are on his opponents, and what he plans to do with the $100,000 grand prize if he wins.

Make sure to check out Copa Combate when it takes place on November 11th LIVE on NBCSN. Eight Bantamweights head to Cancun, Mexico to chase a life changing prize of $100,000.

Make sure to stick with for the latest happenings and results for Copa Combate. A truly historic night for MMA fans new and old.