Corey Anderson Urges Patrick Cummins to Stay on UFC 217 Card

Corey Anderson isn’t happy to hear the news of Patrick Cummins’ staph infection.

Cummins recently said he has a “mutant” staph infection on his foot. As a result, the light heavyweight said he is forced to pull out of his bout at UFC 217 with Anderson. The bout was set to take place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City on Nov. 4.

The UFC hasn’t made the bout cancellation official.

Anderson recently took to his Instagram account to try to convince Cummins to stay on the card:

“How do YOU call it quits so far out from fight night? There’s still 3 weeks til fight night… And I’ve had staph before.. cut that shit open, drain it, take your meds, take a couple rest days to elevate the leg, and you’ll be good by Saturday. You called me out in 2014 and I’ve been waiting for our time to come every since… There’s still plenty of time til the dance. I got my best outfit, my family’s tickets, and my friends are all looking forward to it. I hope to see you on the floor… #thisisbusiness #andpersonal #UFC217”

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