Daniel Cormier Says he Was Wrong For Blasting ‘Rumble’ Johnson

Daniel Cormier has had a change of heart.

Cormier caused quite a stir when he blasted Anthony Johnson on his podcast. Cormier took issue with Johnson’s interaction with Jon Jones backstage at UFC 214. “DC” believed “Rumble” was giving Jones advice.

The UFC light heavyweight champion said he lost respect for his former opponent. Johnson didn’t take too kindly to those words and called Cormier a “cry baby ass.”

During a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, Cormier said someone had to tell him that he was the one who picked a fight:

“After Rumble put that post up, I tweeted him. But then I texted him. Because I was mad. Like, ‘I’m mad. I want to fight.’ The reality is, I texted him, and I said some things that weren’t very cool. But then I was talking to somebody that means a lot to me and they said, ‘Why are you so mad? You started it. You said stuff. And you’re mad at him.’”

He went on to say that he made a mistake.

“So the reality is, I was wrong. I should not have called him soft. But I thought that I didn’t like the action, but why do I expect so much out of him? Why do I expect him to not be able to be respectful and still compete at the highest level of the sport?”

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