Daniel Cormier Says Tony Ferguson Hangs His Chin Too High

If Tony Ferguson does indeed have a title unification bout against Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier doesn’t like “El Cucuy’s” chances.

Ferguson scooped up the interim Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title at UFC 216. After the fight, UFC President Dana White insisted that a unification bout between Ferguson and McGregor “has to happen.”

During a recent edition of his “Talk & Talker” podcast, light heavyweight champion and color commentator Cormier said Ferguson has to fix some crucial mistakes (via BJPenn.com):

“Oh my goodness. Do you see how high he’s hanging his chin up when he’s throwing punches? You do that against McGregor, you’re getting sniped. You’re getting sniped. And I mean, when Conor hits you with a clean shot, it doesn’t affect people like most people’s big shots affect people. It sends you f**king skating on ice. It turns you into a baby deer,” Cormier stated. “That’s what a f**king straight left from Conor does. Turns you into a f**king doe. I’m serious. Like your legs just go dude and you just can’t let him hit you like that and I think because of the way Tony fights, he kind of hangs his chin up there and it would make it very dangerous for him. Because McGregor is so accurate, so fast.”

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