Daniel Cormier Says UFC Told Him Not to Mention Kevin Lee’s Staph Infection

Daniel Cormier claims the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) told him not to bring up Kevin Lee‘s staph infection during the UFC 216 broadcast.

During Lee’s entrance inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, play-by-play commentator Joe Rogan mentioned a staph infection on the fighter’s pectoral. Cormier paused for a moment and confirmed Rogan’s suspicion.

During a recent edition of his “Talk & Talker” podcast, Cormier revealed why he paused (via Bloody Elbow):

“So we’re on air, right, and Rogan goes ‘is that staph?’ “And somebody in my ear, I don’t know who it is goes, ‘don’t say nothing.’ And I was like ‘What the hell? Do I address this, or do I not say anything?’ So I was like ‘it is.’ I couldn’t help myself, I go ‘it is staph.’ Because it’s big and red, and raised up.”