Demetrious Johnson Makes UFC History With All-Time Great Submission Win Over Ray Borg

Round 1:

Johnson lands a nice kick to the body and ties up Borg with a back clinch. Some short shots to Borg’s head from Johnson but Borg is able to get back to his feet. Another hard body shot from Johnson forces Borg to shoot in on a takedown but Johnson defends nicely. Johnson takes Borg’s back again after a scramble and is in his half guard. Some short elbows from Johnson land and he gets to side control. Johnson works for a Kimura but Borg defends back to half guard again. The round comes to an end with a Kimura attempt from Borg.

Round 2:

Borg opens up the round with some pressure and has Johnson up against the cage. Johnson rips off some knees to Borg’s body and gains dominant position against the cage. Borg drops down and gets the takedown and maneuvers his way to Johnson’s back. Johnson bucks Borg off like it’s easy, however, and gains top position on the ground. Johnson threatens with multiple submission attempts on the ground but Borg is able to get to his feet. Johnson rips off some knees to the body but Borg rushes him against the cage. Johnson gets the takedown and establishes side control. Borg is able to get back up and sit against the cage while Johnson continues to work on him. The round comes to an end with Borg throwing upkicks from the mat.

Round 3:

Borg catches a kick from Johnson but it’s defended well. Johnson sprawls and gets top position on Borg from side control. Johnson is able to rip off some elbows and get into half guard. Borg is able to get into full guard but Johnson continues to attack. Johnson quickly gets to full mount and is able to take Borg’s back. Borg scrambles out and has Johnson on top of him in side control. Borg is able to lock up Johnson’s neck as time expires.

Round 4:

Borg opens the round with a huge takedown on Johnson but the momentum is short lived. Johnson scrambles into top control and is in half guard. Johnson gets side control again but Borg scrambles to his feet. Johnson rips off knees to Borg’s body and pressures him against the cage. Johnson throws Borg down to the canvas and smothers him for several minutes before Borg shoots back up. The round comes to an end with Johnson going for an armbar on Borg.

Round 5:

Johnson gets the takedown immediately and has side control. They scramble and get to their feet for a brief moment, where they exchange, but Johnson again gets teh takedown and is in side control. Johnson slides into full mount easily but Borg scrambles out. Johnson and Borg are now against the cage but Johnson gets Borg’s back again. Johnson unleashes a ridiculous takedown into an armbar and forces Borg to tap. It was arguably the greatest submission of all time. Simply incredible work from Johnson.

Official Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Ray Borg via R5 submission (armbar, 3:15)

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