Despite Making Weight, Mackenzie Dern is Unsure of Flyweight Future

Mackenzie Dern is still figuring out her natural weight in her young mixed martial arts career.

In the past, Dern has struggled making the strawweight limit. In fact, her last bout was changed to a catchweight after Dern realized she couldn’t make it to 115 pounds. Dern made the flyweight limit for her bout tonight (Oct. 13) at LFA 24 against Mandy Polk.

Despite the successful weight cut, Dern told that she isn’t sure if the flyweight move is permanent:

“Everyone keeps asking about 125, but I don’t know. I feel like the girls we have (at The MMA Lab in Phoenix), like Lauren Murphy, she was just in The Ultimate Fighter house, and she’s way bigger than me, and she fought 135 and now went down to 125, so I feel like the 125 girls are way bigger than me.”

Dern explained the struggle at strawweight and why she’s still considering keeping her weight down.

“But 115 is so hard for me to make. So I’m excited to see 125 and to see how I do there, and see how I feel there, but it’s definitely not 100-percent that that’s the weight class I will want to stay at. I feel like if I can figure out how to continue at 115, that would be better size-wise, but who knows?”