Eddie Alvarez Calls Lauren Murphy a Head Case Following TUF Spat

Eddie Alvarez has responded to Lauren Murphy’s rant over an incident on “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Murphy recently blasted Alvarez for criticizing her on season 26 of TUF. Following a stunning loss inside the TUF house, Murphy skipped a morning workout session. Alvarez, who is Murphy’s coach in season 26, called the fighter’s no-show “selfish.”

During a recent appearance on “MMA Tonight,” Alvarez responded to Murphy (via MMAFighting.com):

“I understand you’re there for yourself, but you didn’t even fight anybody on the other team yet. You didn’t even get past your first fight against Team Gaethje and you conspired two or three times already against the girls on our team that you’re gonna be in the gym with every day. So I’m like, man this girl is a little bit of a head case and she’s kind of looking at everyone as her enemy. It just didn’t make for a good attitude in the room or a good person to even have around. She was conspiring from the very beginning.”

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