Eddie Alvarez Says UFC is Using His Name to Elevate Justin Gaethje

Eddie Alvarez believes the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is looking to raise Justin Gaethje‘s stock.

Alvarez and Gaethje are expected to clash inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan at UFC 218. The two lightweights have been serving as coaches on season 26 of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

During a recent appearance on UFC Unfiltered, Alvarez said he plans to spoil the UFC’s plans for Gaethje (via MMAMania.com):

“I am pretty easy-going, I’m not the type of guy that’s like, I want this guy, I want that guy. I don’t think UFC wanted that (Poirier) fight, they liked Justin Gaethje, they want to move him and they want to use my name to move him. But guess what? I have other intentions, know what I mean? I get the game, I know how it works and I have been on the other side of it as a young kid coming up, so I see what they want to do, and that’s the fun part of this.”