Eduardo Dantas Says Darrion Caldwell’s Style Isn’t Fun to Watch

From the prospective of a fan, Eduardo Dantas isn’t impressed with Darrion Caldwell.

Tonight (Oct. 6), Dantas will defend his Bellator bantamweight title against Caldwell inside the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The title bout is set to headline Bellator 184.

Speaking with, “DuDu” said the challenger’s fighting styles leaves a lot to be desired:

“I’ll be honest with you: speaking as a MMA fan, Caldwell doesn’t have a style that is fun to watch. An MMA fan doesn’t want to watch Caldwell fight because he just grabs you all the time, he barely submits his opponents. He has one good position, taking the back and the rear-naked choke, and that’s it. He can barely pass the guard. He has a good wrestling base, but he doesn’t have a full range of attacks. He’s really basic.”

Caldwell’s two bout with Joe Taimanglo left the champion unimpressed. Dantas said Caldwell will have to improve his stand-up significantly if he expects to become a champion.

“He fought (Joe) Taimanglo, who is way shorter than him, and didn’t trade with him standing. He wanted to take him down, he didn’t use his reach, and was submitted by Taimanglo. You can see him getting desperate in the stand-up.”