Thursday, December 9, 2021

Emil Meek on Kamaru Usman Bout: ‘One Little Mistake & it WIll be Over’

Emil Meek realizes he’s being thrown to the wolves, but it’s exactly what he wanted.

On Dec. 30, Meek will take on Kamaru Usman inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout will be featured on the UFC 219 card. Reddit user “Ytis” recently translated an interview Meek did on TV 2 Sport (via Flo Combat):

Meek admitted he has some nerves going into the bout, but he won’t let this opportunity slip away:

“I could have gone the easy road, but this is the type of match I love and makes me feel alive. I’m going to fight a monster, and it is monsters that I want. But I have to admit I’m a bit afraid. Not because of pain or punishment. I’m afraid that I won’t perform as well as I should. One little mistake, and it will be over. There are no second chances or a rematch. It is do-or-die every time, and the consequence[s] of a defeat are disastrous.”

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