Francisco Trinaldo Explains How His Son Played a Role in Victory in Sao Paulo

Francisco Trinaldo credits his son for pushing him to victory this past Saturday night (Oct. 28).

Trinaldo took on Jim Miller inside the Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Trinaldo won the bout via unanimous decision. He’s now 8-1 in his last nine outings.

After the bout, Trinaldo explained to the media how his son helped him bounce back from a submission loss back in March (via

“I trained to knock him down or submit him. I swear to you. I trained every day. I didn’t miss a single training session. I did four training sessions a day. I didn’t miss a single one. When I thought my body was tired, I looked at my kid and thought, ‘No (expletive) way I’m going to stay here. I need this win.’”