GSP Says he Isn’t Targeting ‘Super Fight’ With Conor McGregor

Georges St-Pierre is focused on a middleweight title bout, not Conor McGregor.

On Nov. 4, St-Pierre will challenge Michael Bisping for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title. The bout will take place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. It’ll headline UFC 217.

If St-Pierre emerges victorious, many have speculated that he’ll vacate the title and go after a “super fight” with McGregor. St-Pierre insists that this won’t be the case.

Speaking to ESPN, St-Pierre said he isn’t focused on McGregor (via

“Everything is possible but everybody is targeting Conor McGregor because the money. He’s the money fight. But I don’t challenge guys that compete in lower weight class divisions. For me, I don’t do that. I’m going up to fight Michael Bisping now. I’m looking up.”

He went on to praise McGregor for his accomplishments.

“He’s an amazing fighter, it would be an amazing honor, but I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. If the fans want it and he wants it maybe it will happen but right now, I’m focused on Bisping.”

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