Henry Cejudo Details His Escape From California Wildfires

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight Henry Cejudo is glad to be alive.

Cejudo was forced to escape the wildfires in Santa Rosa, California. Cejudo jumped off the building he was in from the second story. Reports of a broken ankle were inaccurate, but Cejudo did suffer minor burns on his foot.

Speaking to ESPN, Cejudo talked about the scene in Santa Rosa while the fires were taking place:

“I pulled the curtain on the window and it felt like daylight it was so bright. There were houses on fire. The hotel was on fire. I could feel the heat. I saw the lobby was on fire and knew there was a stairwell to get down there. I thought, ‘If I go out into the hallway and lock myself out, then I really am dead.’ There was only one way out.”

Cejudo then talked about what was going through his mind when he realized he needed to evacuate fast.

“As I’m walking up this hill to get a bird’s-eye view of everything, I see two-story mansions on fire. I saw buildings and cars on fire. It was surreal, like a dream. I had no shoes, no time to grab anything but my slacks. I’m walking, barefoot, thinking, ‘Damn, I’m literally in a ring of fire.'”

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