Jan Blachowicz Pulls Off Ridiculous Submission Win Over Devin Clark

Round 1:

Clark comes out hard and after a few missed shots he shoots in on Blachowicz against the cage. Blachowicz establishes control against the cage and lets off some knees and short punches. They separate and begin striking again. Clark continues to come in hard but Blachowicz is able to slip most of the shots. Blachowicz catches a kick and rips off a body kick of his own before following it up with an uppercut to the body. Blachowicz clinches Clark against the cage and rips off more knees again.

Clark hits Blachowicz with an elbow from against the cage that stuns him and backs him up to the other side of the cage, prompting a blitz from Clark that is shortly shut down by a hard counter shot from Blachowicz. The round comes to an end with leg kicks being exchanged.

Round 2:

Clark again comes out hard but Blachowicz neutralizes it quick by answering back with the same ferocity, calming Clark down a bit. A few hard body kicks land for Blachowicz and they bring up a hurt look on Clark’s face. Clark backs Blachowicz off with a hard shot before shooting in on a takedown. His shot is reversed, however, and Blachowicz gets a takedown of his own. Clark is able to push Blachowicz off from on top of him after a scramble, but the action is stopped for a few seconds after an accidental illegal shot on a downed opponent from Blachowicz.

Clark goes in on a takedown attempt but Blachowicz locks in an insane standing rear-naked choke and forces Clark to tap on his feet. Absolutely amazing.

Official Result: Jan Blachowicz def. Devin Clark via R2 submission (standing rear-naked choke, 3:02)

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