Justin Buchholz is no Longer Head Coach of Team Alpha Male

Newfound championship success couldn’t secure Justin Buchholz’s position as Team Alpha Male’s (TAM) head coach.

Buchholz has been praised for his work as the head coach at TAM. Since taking the role, the team has garnered a bevy of gold. They captured 17 titles in one year. The most significant one is Cody Garbrandt’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight gold.

Despite the success and rave reviews, TAM has switched things up. Buchholz’s explained the situation to Stud Radio (via MMAFighting.com):

“I am no longer the head coach of Team Alpha Male. I went to Alaska and I came back and a lot of things have changed. It’s been changing actually since we moved to the new gym [four months ago]. A lot of things changed. I had a system that I had put in place last year that I was in charge of and I stuck to and made things happen and we’ve gone to a different system.”

Buchholz isn’t done with TAM, however. He revealed what his current role is.

“Urijah explained it to me that there are five head coaches. So everyone is like a head coach but I am no longer the head coach, I run the Muay Thai program. I’m the only Muay Thai coach so yeah, you could say I’m the Muay Thai head coach. Instead of doing all the practices and doing a ton of work, I’ll get paid by the hour and I’ll just get paid by class and have one class a week, where I was doing four classes and work.”

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