Lyoto Machida Says He’s Unsure if USADA Has Been Beneficial to MMA

Lyoto Machida is finally returning to action after a debated suspension.

Machida was flagged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for use of 7-Keto, which can be found in U.S. supplements. Machida was given an 18-month suspension and many have criticized the punishment for being too harsh.

“The Dragon” will take on Derek Brunson on Oct. 28 in Brazil. Speaking to A.G Fight, Machida wasn’t certain on his stance with USADA in terms of being beneficial for mixed martial arts (via Flo Combat):

“USADA is rigid, but I don’t know how far it has been a benefit for the sport. We are not an Olympic sport. MMA is more entertainment oriented. So, sometimes simple, routine things you can use, like a serum, can get you punished. The rigidity is great, but I don’t have the knowledge to speak if this is good or bad now.”