Mark Hunt Questions Why He’s Not Allowed to Fight But GSP is

Mark Hunt still isn’t happy about being pulled from the UFC Fight Night 121 card.

Hunt was scheduled to face Marcin Tybura on Nov. 18 inside the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia. The “Super Samoan” was removed from the card once the UFC caught wind of a recent interview. Hunt said he had suffered some memory loss due to brain damage.

Speaking to ESPN, Hunt questioned the UFC’s motives:

“The UFC says they’re acting for my well-being. Why did they put me in the Octagon with all these cheaters, then? Why are they letting [Georges St-Pierre] fight again when he’s talked about seeing aliens? They just let a guy [lightweight Kevin Lee] fight with a staph infection last week. If they’re worried about our well-being, why did they do all that?”

Hunt has a theory on why he was actually pulled from the event.

“I think this is because of the lawsuit, of me trying to get an equal playing field against these steroid users, because it isn’t my health. They’re under contract with me and, thus far, I’ve done nothing wrong. The contract says I’m supposed to be working, but they’ve pulled me and I don’t see any medical reason why. They haven’t fulfilled their side of the contract. What I want to know is, ‘Why?'”

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