Oskar Piechota Dominates Jonathan Wilson For Unanimous Decision Win

Round 1:

Wilson hits Piechota with a nice kick to the body and follows it up with a leg kick. A high-kick lands for Wilson, and he tries to follow-up with another one but it’s blocked. The pair tangle up inside and Piechota gets a takedown. Wilson shoots up to his feet quickly but has Piechota on his back, body triangle locked, and rear-naked choke attempt in. Some hand fighting ensues and Piechota fires off shots to Wilson’s head. The round comes to an end with Piechota trying a rear-naked choke attempt.

Round 2:

After a lengthy feeling out period to open the round, Wilson begins to close the distance and land a couple of shots. A high-kick lands for Wilson and Piechota starts to fire back but eats some shots off Wilson’s counters. Wilson slips on a high-kick attempt and both men fail to capitalize on dominant position in a scramble, and they resume standing. Neither man is able to land anything of significance, and the very uneventful round comes to an end with Piechota dropping Wilson out of nowhere with a huge shot. Saved by the bell.

Round 3:

Piechota lands a nice combination switching from the body to the head, and Wilson responds with a few shots of his own. A high-kick from Piechota lands and he follows it up with a lead uppercut. Wilson now lands a head-kick of his own and it’s followed by a straight right-hand. The momentum is short-lived, however, as Piechota gets a quick takedown and takes Wilson’s back again. Now in full mount, Piechota is able to rip off some ground-and-pound before switching up to a armbar attempt. The round comes to an end with Piechota nearly locking in an armbar.

Official Result: Oskar Piechota def. Jonathan Wilson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)