Owen Roddy Says McGregor Will Make Short Work of Ferguson

Conor McGregor‘s striking coach Owen Roddy believes his fighter will walk through Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson captured the interim Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title at UFC 216. UFC President Dana White said a unification bout between Ferguson and McGregor “has to happen.”

During a recent appearance on Submission Radio, Roddy said “El Cucuy” won’t be a match for McGregor (via MMAFighting.com):

“His style is, you know, it’s not traditional, it’s a bit unorthodox and stuff, but I just honestly think that Conor’s going to be way too clean for Ferguson. If Ferguson tries to stand with Conor for an extended period of time it will be lights out, in my opinion. You know, he’s tough as well, he’s tough and durable, so he may take a couple of smacks, but at the end of the day Conor’s going to be way too clean and too technical to… he won’t get touched.”

He went on to say that trading with McGregor would be a mistake on Ferguson’s part.

“That’s my opinion. But yeah, it will be an interesting one and it will be an exciting fight as well because Ferguson does come to fight and he’s aggressive, he goes in, he looks to finish fights, so it will be exciting. But yeah, without a doubt if he wants to stand and bang with Conor it’ll be lights out fairly quick, I think.”