Quote: Conor McGregor Can Win a Title in Boxing if he Wanted to

Conor McGregor can win a championship in boxing, at least that’s what Heather Hardy thinks.

Hardy is a former boxing champion herself and has made the transition to mixed martial arts. This Friday night (Oct. 20), she will collide with Kristina Williams on the Bellator 185 card. Hardy made her MMA debut a successful one back in June.

Speaking to MMAFighting.com, Hardy said that McGregor can win gold if he transitioned to boxing:

“There is no doubt in my mind that he could be. He has that champion mentality and that attitude that – even the way that he came in trying to intimidate Floyd. That would have worked on a lesser fighter. We’re talking about Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest of all time, you can’t deny him of that, as much as you may hate him as a man or not respect the things he says or does – which I would agree, I don’t respect a lot of the things he says or does – but from a completely boxing standpoint: he’s just in a different sphere. But I say that to say this, I think McGregor is amazing and could totally stand in there and win a title in boxing if he wanted to.”