Ray Borg Says Resilience Will be Difference Maker at UFC 216

Ray Borg believes he has the answer to Demetrious Johnson’s dominant reign at flyweight.

This Saturday night (Oct. 7), Borg will look to play spoiler. Johnson is just one successful title defense away from breaking Anderson Silva’s record. The title bout will serve as UFC 216’s co-main event.

Speaking to MMAJunkie.com, Borg explained how he can present some problems for “Mighty Mouse:”

“I really feel like I bring in this resilience and this will to win that no one else has brought in. No one’s really seen D.J. the way I’ve seen him in my life – as the goal. The belt’s always been the goal. D.J. has always been the belt holder. So, in my eyes, he’s always been my goal to beat. I really feel like no one really has quite the style that I bring in. No one really does.”