Rob Font: I Might Pull Something Out of my Ass For Bonus in Sao Paulo

Rob Font is looking to let loose in his return to Brazil.

Font is set to meet Pedro Munhoz inside the Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The bout will be part of UFC Fight Night 119. It’ll take place this Saturday night (Oct. 28).

Font has nabbed two “Performance of the Night” bonuses and he told that he’s eyeing a third:

“I might even pull out something out of my ass, throw a flying triangle or something on Pedro Munhoz, a black belt, in Brazil. That would be huge. They would have to give (the bonus) to me.”

Font admitted that he took his last fight in Brazil too seriously.

“Last fight (in Brazil), I didn’t have fun. The whole fight week, I wasn’t having fun. I don’t know if it sounds weird, I almost took it too seriously. I made it bigger than what it was. It was like, ‘OK, I’m in Brazil, fighting John Lineker, I could get ranked after this fight.’ I took it too serious and wasn’t really myself and having fun. I let the moment get to me. So, obviously (I’m going to) go out there, be myself, not try to pretend to be anything else other than who I am.”

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