Robbie Lawler on Rory MacDonald’s PED Accusation: He’s Trying to Cope

Robbie Lawler believes Rory MacDonald’s performance enhancing drug (PED) accusations are being done to cope with his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title bout loss.

Back in July 2015, MacDonald challenged Lawler for the UFC welterweight title. Despite nearly finishing “Ruthless,” MacDonald simply couldn’t take much more punishment to his shattered nose. Lawler retained the title via fifth-round TKO.

MacDonald caused a stir when he accused Lawler of using PEDs for their title bout. Speaking to TSN, Lawler offered a response (via MMA Weekly):

“I think he’s trying to figure out why things happened the way they happened. He’s finding a different way to cope with it. I was getting hurt. Obviously, I got stunned by a head kick and he cut my lip with an elbow but all you have in the end is your will to fight.”

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