Rose Namajunas: ‘I Might by Crazy, But I’m Dangerous Too’

Rose Namajunas insists she won’t get into a war of words with Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

On Nov. 4, Namajunas will challenge Jedrzejczyk for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight title. The championship tilt takes place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. It’ll be featured on the main card of UFC 217.

Jedrzejczyk caused a stir at a recent conference call when she said Namajunas is mentally unstable. Mental issues have been part of Namajunas’ family. Her father, who suffered from schizophrenia, passed away.

Namajunas said she’s fought through tough circumstances and it has made her stronger (via

“I just want to try and make this world a better place and use my gift of (expletive) martial arts. I’m great at this (expletive). This is what I’ve been born to do. I might be crazy, but I’m dangerous, too.”

She went on to say that she takes mental issues very seriously.

“I’m not sure if it’s maybe a cultural difference or something like that, but for me, it’s not something that’s taken lightly. My family has been torn apart. My dad died – and he wasn’t in my life – because he had schizophrenia. It’s been something my entire family has been fighting against since I can remember.”