Tuesday, October 4, 2022

STOP THE LEAKS! FS1 Accidentally Gives Results Hours Before TUF Airs

The Ultimate Fighter series is no stranger to results and cast members being leaked earlier than desired. In most instances, the leak doesn’t come straight from the UFCONFOX official twitter handle, as it did last night.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but as is the norm, a twitter user snapped up a photo and the error lives on! Props to Kyle Volkman ( @volkstyles ) on twitter for the screen grab you see below

Obviously a big mistake for whoever runs the handle, but it seems as if whoever runs the handle is taking things with a grain of salt. In the below tweet, they seem to poke fun at themselves a bit and even give the old winkey face emoji. Hopefully all higher ups involved have the same relaxed feelings and no one got fire.

Slow down those twitter fingers PR people!

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