TJ Dillashaw Claims to Have ‘Created’ His Own MMA Team

UFC 217’s TJ Dillashaw hs announced that he is set to start his own team in the wake of Muscle Pharm’s relocation to Burbank, California

Dillashaw infamously departed Team Alpha Male TAM) following speculation of a departure, moving to Team Elevation along with TAM’s striking coach Duane Ludwig.

Now it appears that Dillashaw will be doing things by himself:

“Muscle Pharm decided to move their facilities from Colorado to Burbank which kind of disbanded the team a little bit. So I have decided to create my own team,” Ludwig recently told a UFC 217 media call (transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMA Mania). “It’s something to create and call your own, as well as Duane has been traveling to California. It’s been the same work and adding to it, creating our own family, our own team,” Dillashaw added.

Dillashaw also discussed his mindset going into his title fight with former TAM teammate Cody Garbrandt:

“It all leads to this fight, as he said me and him are the real main event of this card. 70-percent of the fans want to see this fight more than any other on the card. It all led up to this for a reason, it’s building our names,” said Dillashaw. “It’s definitely not how I foresaw it going down, but, it all worked out for reasons it did and I am just going to make the most of it.”