Volkan Oezdemir Doesn’t Think Jon Jones’ Legacy is Tarnished

Volkan Oezdemir still views Jon Jones as one of the greatest fighters to ever compete in mixed martial arts.

Jones can easily be considered one of the most controversial fighters of our time. From DUIs, to hit-and-runs, to failed drug tests, Jones has certainly hit rock bottom on several occasions. Still, he was considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time.

That status took a crucial hit when “Bones” failed a UFC 214 drug test for turinabol. Despite the controversy, Oezdemir still believes Jones’ skills can’t be questioned (via BJPenn.com):

“It’s hard to answer to this, because the way Jones fights, it’s just amazing. He’s doing stuff nobody does. He just has a really high IQ when it comes to fighting. He’s doing stuff with perfect timing, crazy, spinning back elbows… you know. You cannot take anything off Jon Jones, because he so much talent. So, I don’t think it’s really tarnished his legacy. When you watch his fights, he doesn’t win because [of the banned substances]. Of course, it probably helped, but he doesn’t win because he’s so strong and so big. It’s all about the intelligence that he has, and also the IQ, fight IQ. He’s just an amazing athlete.”

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