A Fired-up Cezar Ferreira Aims to Expose ‘Fake’ Paulo Costa

Cezar Ferreira did not waste any time following his victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC Norfolk to call out Paulo Costa for his next bout

For Ferreira, there is bad blood between himself and Costa.

“The kids these days are losing the true value of martial arts,” Ferreira told MMA Fighting. “You see (Colby) Covington insulting Brazilian fans, and now this guy ‘Borrachinha’ comes and calls everyone p***y. It’s personal now. Our team gave this guy an opportunity, brought him to the United States, gave him a job, he trained with us here, and he goes on social media and calls out Vitor the way he did? You can call anyone out, this is our job, but calling out a legend and calling him a p***y? Hold on.”

“It’s not Vitor’s team, it’s our team, it’s my team as well,” he continued. “You came to my team and now talk crap? I’m not fake. If you said that about any other legend, Wanderlei (Silva), Anderson (Silva), I’d respond the same way. He’s calling everyone p***y on social media, and I want to see if he’s not a p***y to fight me. This guy… his career is so fake that even his nickname changes all the time. He was ‘Golden Boy’, and then ‘Borrachinha’, and I don’t know what his name is now. He’s trying to be like (Conor) McGregor. He’s an a**hole.”

Ferreira also claimed that Costa’s impressive unbeaten record was ‘fabricated’ and would relish the opportunity to go face to face with him in his next fight:

“I know Borrachinha’s story,” Ferreira said. “He was starting his career when I won TUF, and he was watching me train. He’s a lie. His career was manufactured. I say what I know. Seventy percent of his fights were in events inside gyms, where he fought and beat up random doormen. That’s why he has that record. Check his record on Sherdog, nobody knows any of those guys, and he’s acting like he’s the middleweight champion already but hasn’t done anything.

“He fought someone close to retirement (McLellan), and then he fought someone coming off a year-long layoff (Bamgbose) because he was recovering mentally and physically from the beatdown I gave him. The only real fighter he fought was Johny Hendricks, but he’s a welterweight the size of his legs. Come on.

“He’s doing things the wrong way and needs to learn a lesson,” “Mutante” said. “He will turn down this fight. I will beat him up even if I have to go to Contagem, his hometown. If the UFC has any interest in protecting this boy, if they don’t want him to lose, they won’t book this fight. But if the UFC is unbiased they will book this fight and I will beat him up.”

“I would break him up for good,” he continued. “He has no cardio, nothing. He should bring an oxygen balloon with him because he has no cardio. I was already a fighter when this kid started training. I know his coaches, I know all of his tricks, everything he will do. I’d break him into pieces.”