Amanda Nunes Wants Holly Holm if Cyborg Fight Doesn’t Happen

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes does not want to step in the way of Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm but is willing to fight the former 135-pound champ if she returns to bantamweight

Nunes opened up on a potential fight with “The Preacher’s Daughter” but only if Holm rejects the chance to fight for Cyborg’s featherweight strap:

“I’m ready to go,” Nunes told BJ Penn Radio. “I kind of don’t want to step in front of Cris Cyborg right now, because I know she wants to fight Holly Holm. But I don’t think this fight’s going to happen, and if Holly Holm comes down again, to 135 [pounds], we can do this. I want to defend my belt. I want to defend the 135 belt. Holly Holm is one of the only girls in this division [riding] a win, so I think she’s the one. I think if she’s not going to fight Cyborg, she has to come down and make this happen.”

Should Holm accept a fight with Nunes’ compatriot, there is one more stand out name for the 135-pound champ:

“[Pennington] has evolved a lot,” Nunes said of this prospective battle. “I liked her fight against Miesha [Tate]. She did a great job, and I think she’s a great opponent for me. It’s going to be a battle, like always, when you step into the cage. I expect Rocky to give me her best fight ever, and I think she [expects] the same. Honestly, I’m a fighter and I just want to fight. Whatever. I just want to fight. I want to defend my belt, and I’m waiting for the UFC. Let’s go.”