Belal Muhammad Edges Out Victory Over Tim Means

Round 1:

Means comes in strong with the striking and lands a few nice straight shots on Muhammad. Muhammad fires back with some blocked shot before landing a leg kick. Both men are doing very well to evade one another’s shots as Means is finally able to land a front body kick, but Muhammad responds with a hook and body shot. Means landing some nice shots now and is starting to back Muhammad up. Muhammad responds with a nice hook and Means is able to land a left hand shot. Muhammad shoots in on a takedown but misses and just misses on a big hook. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

More heavy striking for both men now, and Muhammad gets a nice takedown and lands in half guard. Means finds his way to the feet again and more heavy striking ensues. A nice knee lands for means and Muhammad eats a jab. Muhammad fails on a takedown attempt and lands a nice jab. Mean responds with a front kick to Mohammad’s knee and a shot to the body. The round comes to an end with Muhammad throwing a missed spinning kick.

Round 3:

These two really want to throw as fast as they can but aren’t landing much of anything. Muhammad misses an overhand right and follows it up with some nice hooks. Means is having trouble finding his range and keeps Muhammad at bay with a front kick. Muhammad misses on a head-kick and goes in on a failed takedown attempt. A nice combination lands for Muhammad and Means misses on an awkward spinning kick. Muhammad with another nice hook and Means just misses on a big shot. As the clock expires both men are firing off a tremendous amount of shots before the horn sounds.

Official Result: Belal Muhammad def. Tim Means via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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