Sunday, August 7, 2022

Chuck Liddell ‘Will Fight Tomorrow’ for the ‘Right Offer’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and Octagon legend Chuck Liddell claims that he is ready to fight, once the offer is right

Liddell has been the subject of a number of rumors linking him to a return to fighting.

“The Iceman” last fought at UFC 115 in 2010, losing by way of first-round knockout to Rich Franklin which was the third of three KO/TKO’s in a row, prompting his retirement.

Liddell told MMA Tonight that a comeback bout is certainly possible. The 47-year-old has claimed that it will take “something crazy” for him to blow the dust off his gloves, however (via MMAFighting):

“I’ve thought about it but everyone’s gonna have to keep wondering. I’m not sure yet, so we’ll see…

“I’m healthy. It would probably take more than [a month] to set it up, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. I mean, it depends on what gets offered. If someone offers me something crazy, I could fight tomorrow, but it just depends.”

Former UFC middleweight contender and future Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix participant Chael Sonnen claimed that he was ‘offered a fight’ with Liddell, which was turned down. “The Iceman” claims that there is no truth to this whatsoever:

“That’s not true. I’ve never been offered a fight and I definitely never been offered to fight him. He doesn’t worry about the truth too much with his trash-talking. He’s not afraid to be liberal with his facts.”

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