Friday, August 19, 2022

Coach: Nate Diaz is a Star Right Now, He Should Get $15 Million Easy

Is Nate Diaz worth $15 million for his next fight? His coach seems to think so.

Much has been made over Diaz’s fighting future. The Stockton native last competed back in Aug. 2016. He dropped the rematch to Conor McGregor, losing by majority decision. Many have clamored for a trilogy fight, but there’s another bout that is or was on the table.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title holder Tyron Woodley said he agreed to a title defense against Diaz for UFC 219 on Dec. 30. Diaz appears to have balked at the idea unless he gets paid a significant amount of money.

Just how much? Richard Perez revealed the number on Submission Radio (via

“15 million (dollars) easy. Easy. ‘Cause, I mean, he’s a star right now. I mean, McGregor can’t even fight right now, he got suspended. And Woodley’s trying to fight everybody. He says McGregor doesn’t want to fight him, he says BJ Penn (sic) doesn’t want to fight him. He’s naming all these people that don’t want to fight him, you know, cause he’s trying to get his name, he’s trying to get up there, and nobody wants to (fight him). I mean, he’s got the belt. So what? The belt don’t mean nothing anymore. It’s about who you’re fighting (if you want) to make the money.”

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