Colby Covington Aiming for Conor McGregor at 155 ‘After Taking Woodley’s Belt’

Colby Covington has claimed that he is planning to muscle his way into an elite club of UFC two-weight champions in 2018

Beating the third man inducted into that club, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, is his aim.

Covington recently spoke to about his ambitions for the future, which he believes will open up with a victory over UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley:

“Yeah, you know, the thing is this,” Covington said. “I could go up to 185 (pounds), or I could go down to 155 (pounds). I’ve been beating the best middleweights in the world at American Top Team for a long time. So, I could go up and whoop some middleweight’s (expletive). Or I could go down to 155. I decided early in my career that I would go to fight 170 (pounds).

To Covington, a drop to 155-pounds to square off against the biggest name in the sport (Conor McGregor) would certainly be on the cards once he can beat Woodley:

I’d take the belt at 170, and then I would go look for the biggest fight possible, you know? So, it looks like McGregor’s there at 155. So, you know, after I take the belt from Woodley, I’m going to be looking for that little Irish (expletive).”

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