Thursday, August 18, 2022

‘Real Champion’ Colby Covington Says he is Training for Tyron Woodley

Self-appointed UFC bad boy Colby Covington has claimed that he is training for Tyron Woodley for the upcoming UFC 219 card next month

Covington has his sights set on a title fight with Woodley, who he believes is ‘ducking’ him in favor of a bout against Nate Diaz.

While there has been little progression in a potential fight between the UFC welterweight champion and the Stockton fan-favorite, Covington has been doing everything in his power to get his name into the limelight and secure a fixture against Woodley.

“The real reason I am out here is to get that roadwork in,” Colby said in the video you can watch above. “I am training for Tyron Woodley man; December 30. He issued a challenge: he wanted to fight a lightweight, Nate Diaz, but that ain’t gonna happen. So, you know, Tyron is in training and getting ready. So Colby “Mr. Bad Guy” himself Covington is ready to go. Let’s see if Tyron takes the challenge.

“I’m ready to go December 30. Tyron is faking to the media ‘Oh, if Nate Diaz doesn’t fight me December 30 then I am going to get should surgery’. Why are you going to get shoulder surgery? You’re willing to fight Nate Diaz but you can’t fight me? Seems like he [Tyron] is scared. He knows the ass whooping I have to him at ATT [American Top Team]. But it’s ok man. We are going to move forward.”

Covington has once again referenced a training session between himself and Woodley where he claims to have gotten the better of the 170-pound kingpin – one which he also believes has made his potential opponent ‘scared’:

“We are going to keep training and we will be prepared for Tyron Woodley if he wants to come out and fight at UFC 219 in Las Vegas against the real welterweight champion of the world baby. I have a better record in the UFC than Tyron. I’m more active. He’s scared. He’s ducking me. He knows what happened when we trained together at ATT.

“We need to get this fight going already. If he doesn’t want to do it December 30, then we could do it in St. Louis in January. Even February. Whenever they’ve got a UFC. Tyron is ducking me clearly and is scared of me. I just want to let all my fans and haters know the real truth. I am staying ready. I am on call for UFC 219 on December 30 against Tyron ‘The Chosen Excuse Maker’ Woodley!”

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