Thursday, August 18, 2022

Conor McGregor Shouts ‘Come and Get Me’ in Reference to ‘Death Threat’ Reports

The rumor mill has been in overdrive this week in Dublin, Ireland regarding an incident allegedly linking UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor with an assault in his hometown

According to the lastest, unsubstantiated reports, the MMA superstar is facing serious repercussions for allegedly punching the father of a prominent Dublin based gangster.

Although these claims have yet to be either proven or move pass baseless conjecture, many of the nation’s more sensationalist tabloids are claiming that there is a €900,000 bounty on the head of McGregor.

Crime writer Paul Williams, well known to the Irish general public for his own sensationalist angles on documentaries and books based on Dublin gangsters and criminals, suggested that “The Notorious” was in deep trouble. Williams claimed on Newstalk Radio on Wednesday that McGregor ‘is in a very dangerous place at the moment.’

“Conor McGregor is potentially in very, very serious danger,” Williams told listeners. “I’ve heard that from my sources, and just looking at the lay of the land currently.

“He has ended up crossing swords, accidentally or whatever, with some very heavy people. Or some people who are related to some very, very heavy people that could pose a serious threat to his safety and maybe even his life – and I don’t say that lightly.”

McGregor has not exactly dispelled his connection with the incident in question. The 29-year-old responded to an initial report run by Irish website of a ‘well known Irish celebrity’ being caught up in a fracas by taking to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday morning:

“The Celebrity,” McGregor wrote, implying that he was the star at the center of the report in question.

The UFC lightweight champion left court on Thursday morning in Dublin and shouted “come and get me” as his car sped off, either teasing fans at the nonsense of the reports or sending a message to those who are reportedly looking for revenge following the incident.

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