Friday, August 19, 2022

Conor McGregor Turns up at Dublin Court, References Infamous Irish Criminal

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor turned up at Blanchardstown Court in the Irish capital to answer a speeding charge at the third time of asking

With unsubstantiated reports circulating regarding alleged threats to McGregor’s life, many had suggested that the 29-year-old had fled the country.

When the MMA superstar initially failed to appear in court this morning, Judge Miriam Walsh was not impressed. The case to answer a speeding charge had already been adjourned twice and the Judge had told the man McGregor sent in his place, representative Graham Walsh, that the fighter had to appear in person if he wished to provide any mitigating circumstances.

Walsh reportedly contacted McGregor, who, according to RTÉ crime correspondent Paul Reynolds, “arrived in rather dramatic fashion in a two-door BMW sportscar which he abandoned outside the building.” There was also allegedly some discussion that McGregor’s car would be clamped but this was decided against.

During proceedings, Judge Walsh asked McGregor to confirm what he earns before light-heartedly stating that he should not answer the question by saying that he had made €110 million in one day in 2017.  McGregor answered that he had made €140 million in his only fight this year against Floyd Mayweather Jr., much to the amusement of those in the court.

To more laughter, Walsh told the Dubliner that he could pay the €400 fine handed down by installments if he chose to. McGregor then apologized for the speeding offense before leaving the courtroom.

McGregor also reportedly responded to questions on his life to an Irish Daily Star journalist, claiming that it is ‘all bollocks’:

McGregor posted a video on his official Instagram page, where he made a reference to the late Dublin gangster Martin Cahill. Known as “The General”, Cahill was a household name in Dublin partly due to his infamous interviews outside courthouses where he would crack jokes and mock the Irish judicial system while concealing his face. He was assassinated in 1994 reportedly by The Provisional IRA before a Hollywood biography was made about him in 1998.

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