Conor McGregor: “Dana White is Like a Brother to me”

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor may hold the closest relationship any fighter has to the promotion’s president, Dana White

McGregor recently told of his future plans, including opening a casino in Las Vegas and of his great friendships with former UFC co-CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White:

“We’re business partners, and we’re friends,” said McGregor of White. “Lifelong friends. He is a legend of the fight game. What Dana has done and what Lorenzo has done.

“Lorenzo is like a mentor to me and he still is. I still converse with Lorenzo daily. We were discussing a casino the other day. I’m trying to get a casino in Las Vegas and bounce in on that one. So, we were discussing that and going back and forward so Lorenzo is a mentor to me and I take his opinion very seriously, very highly and I always reach out to him on any venture that I get involved in or am about to get involved in and get his opinion.

“And, Dana is like a brother to me. We’re like, just lifelong friends. So, I’m very, very blessed to have met them too and climbed up the ranks with them too and long may I continue.”

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