Conor McGregor Targeted for UFC Bout by Former World Champion Boxer

Former IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintrón is open to idea of taking on Conor McGregor inside the octagon 

Following McGregor’s foray into boxing against all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. in August, a plethora of boxers have expressed interest in obliging the Irishman inside the ring.

Cintrón has bucked the trend somewhat and confirmed that he is more than happy to fight McGregor under MMA rules, however.

Dana White offered Mayweather to fight Sean Sherk when he was a world champion,”  Cintrón claimed.

Mayweather would reject that offer in 2007, however.

“I jumped in assuming and challenged Sean Sherk as I was a world champion at the time. Nothing came about it but I wanted to challenge,” Cintrón added. “McGregor is now looking for a boxer to challenge him in his own sport, his own turf. I personally don’t know any boxer that would step into the octagon and challenge an MMA fighter. With a background in wrestling, which I was pretty damn good at, and my boxing background, I believe I would challenge McGregor.”

Cintrón is known to train in disciplines outside of boxing and was renowned as an accomplished wrestler in college. Mike Sloan of Sherdog once stated:

“If Cintrón would have had the opportunity to compete in MMA when he first got into boxing, he would have torn most of the lower weight divisions asunder” and “would have been a top contender in MMA.”

Sloan added that his “ferocious banging style” made for “a dynamic combination that would have given MMA contenders all sorts of trouble” if he made the transition at an earlier age.

Marshall Kauffman, Cintrón’s longtime trainer and manager is certain that he can beat McGregor convincingly:

“Kermit would destroy McGregor within 5 rounds and I think they know this,” said Kauffman. “This would be a great fight for boxing and MMA fans.”

“He wants to defend his title against a boxer? I will step in and challenge him,” Cintron stated. Give me the opportunity and I will shock the world.”

The Puerto Rican fought world-class boxers such as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Sergio Martinez and Antonio Margarito over a pro boxing career spanning 17 years to date.